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6 Misconceptions about (switching to) LED Lights

We all heard about LED Lights and how a switch will help in conserving on those hefty monthly electricity bills. But there are also a lot of confusion out there about how that works and we’re here to help you clear a few of those out:

1. Your lighting will be too artificial and bright:


We are all too used to these ghost white hospital/cubicle energy saving lightings, and maybe that is where the misconception comes from. In fact whenever we see someone try to turn energy efficient, they buy the whitest and brightest bulbs they know. But in fact, most bulbs come in both white, and the warmer yellow glow we are used to. Which means the only thing that will feel the difference as you make the switch, is your electricity meter.

2. The bulbs look weird and”sprially”:


You’re thinking of Compact Florescent Lights (CFLs), a slightly less energy efficient but cheaper alternative to LEDs (and have been around longer that’s why you see them everywhere). As great as CFLs are, sometimes they don’t exactly match what you had planned for the reception area. Luckily, LEDs come in all shapes and sizes including the shape and size of your regular light bulb. But if you don’t mind the spiral shape and want a cheaper option, the CFL is not a bad one (we won’t judge).

3. They require special installation:


How many 3am Sob7y 2l Kahraba2i’s does it take to install an LED light bulb?

As many as you needed to install a regular bulb…that easy.

4. Electricity is cheap anyway:


Not anymore and not for long…you already started feeling the drain on your pockets already probably.

As a matter of fact the government has started increasing electricity prices, and thereby removing subsidies slowly every July of every year since 2014. So you better start saving up on your consumption!

5. LED Bulbs are too expensive:


True that the initial price for a bulb is hard on the pocket, but LEDs consume up to 80% less than regular, “incandescent” as they call them, light bulbs. Actually on average, in the same lifespan of 1 LED Bulb you would have spent 2.5 times that cost on renewing your regular, short life, light bulbs.

6. LED Bulbs are not as available still:


Now that is certainly not true. LED Lighting is now sold at several outlets, with several brands to choose form and relatively reasonable pricing. As a matter of fact you can order your batch at our online store here and

have your order delivered at your door step 😉


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