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10 Tips on keeping warm this winter…without heating up the energy costs

Well it seems like our toes are about to fall off. A foot step in the bathroom might as well feel like ice skating barefooted.

Why is the world WHY IS EGYPT so cold?!


You seek refuge in heaters and warm showers and it still does not seem to cut it, then you find the only thing heating up is your electricity bill.

Staying warm is practice, so we better start now with some simple tips to help you stay warm while cutting costs on your energy meter.

1. Open the curtains and let the Sun in


“Deeh 2l shamousa talla talla we betendah 3aleena!”

Sun heat is natural and free. Readily available in Egypt compared to most places. Believe it or not, allowing sunlight inside in the morning, and heat with it, will help warm up your house maxviril viagra up more easily.

This also works the other way round. Ventilate viagra femme avis your house before it gets dark, close the curtains at night and you can reduce heat loss through your windows and prevent the heat from trying to escape.

2. Warm yourself up with some soup or tea


Mama was right! A hot drink will actually help warm up your body from the inside and out. Keep your hands around that warm mug and enjoy.

3. Warm your bed via old school 2erba


Just fill it with hot water and leave it under the blankets before you sleep. You’ll find your bed nice and warmed up, and your body heat will do the rest.

Disclaimer: Do not leave it with direct contact with your skin, trust us on this one!

4. Weather-proof the house


Do a check around the house and call 3am Ma7amdad beta3 2l alumital. Block all the drafts, cracks and leaks inside the house to keep the heat in. You also can help reduce heat loss through doors/windows by installing draught excluders and seals (pictured above).

If you are still building/renovating your home this is something important to pay attention to. We will follow up soon with tips for new home owners.

5. Layer up and cover up


You invested so much time in tanzeel el shetwi you might as well start wearing it. Layer up! socks and gloves are your friends and carry them around in your bag for emergencies.

Wearing heavy clothes insulates your body and keeps the cold air out. As most of the energy your body produces is heat, keeping it on you is the best way to actually stay warm.

6. Know a little about your anatomy.


Did you know that running your wrist under hot water will help warm up your body? The closeness of the veins to the surface there gives an easy access to your circulation.

This actually applies to all your “pulse points”, which are areas in the body where the blood vessels are close enough to your skin surface to measure your pulse. When you warm up this area, it warms the blood passing through, which circulates through your entire body (works for cooling your body in the summer as well).

7. Close the rooms you’re not using


So you are trying to heat up a smaller space. Invest in the areas you are actually using. The buffet and neesh will survive the winter, and if they do not, 7’eer we baraka. You live in the living room, so warm the living room!

8. Cover viagra sans ordonnance up some levitra bph surfaces


Carpets on the floor, paintings on the wall and better yet carpets on the wall.

What we do not realise is the walls and uncovered surfaces make our house even colder. Even a simple poster can add up a layer of insulation, better with framed pictures. And if you are one those people you like to hang rugs on the wall you know you are on

the right track.

9. Give Bobsy/Roy some love



you know that your domestic pet also doubles as an organic body heat furnace?*

Keeping close to your pet means that you both benefit from each other’s body warmth. It will also function as a mood elevator during these cold, lonely, dark winter nights.

*This refers to dogs, cats, tigers, warm blooded animals mostly. So stay clear from Nemo the gold fish and Slytherin the boa constrictor, they don’t need your love.

10. Stay close to the kitchen


Help out in the kitchen in cooking time. If you’re not the one cooking: plus points, plus

dafa, plus food sampling. For whoever is cooking: you’re more than welcome, we’ll bill you for that one.

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