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9 Ways to Save Energy this Summer While Keeping Your Cool

Well we just crawled our way out of that last heat wave…and barely made it alive…

Summer is surely on its way now,

which means the weather is getting hotter and hotter. While we do thank the heavens for the invention of air-conditioning, it does not escape anyone what that does to your electricity expenses.


But what you may

not know is that there is actually something you can do about this. So we bring you these easy to manage tips to help you keep up to your energy bills this season.


1. Close doors leading to uncooled areas in the house


That refreshing cold AC air you so desperately need is now cooling your kitchen stove and leaving you all sweaty and alone. So make sure you close those doors to cool only the areas you’re currently using.

It is one of these cases where a little goes a long way, your space cools quicker and you reduce stress off your AC.


2. Take care of your AC


Speaking of ACs, the hassle of calling Bashmohandes Ayman to do his annual check up will be worth your while. As we mentioned this before on our Facebook page, regularly maintaining your ACs makes them run more efficiently.
Actually regularly cleaning your filters, a 5 minute task, can make your AC run up to 15% more efficiently.


3. A fan can help a long way


No it is not the 90s and we are well aware of latest technological advances. But these are the times where old is gold, almost vintage/hipster…whatever works for you really we’ll say it. Fans are still great to circulate air, even when using an AC, it give it that extra needed push without costing much on your energy bills.


4. Cover those leaks and cracks


What goes for winter her applies for the summer as well. Limit your air leaks by making sure your windows and doors are well sealed. This also helps for the annoying common dust storms these day, keeps your house nice and dust free.


5. Close those blinds and add some shade


Now this one is tricky for the Sun lovers out there. But reducing light entering the house especially between 10 AM and 2PM will reduce heat entering the house and will help your AC cool more efficiently if

you’re using it.

So use those thin clear shades when you’re in the house and when you’re leaving bring the big guns (the thick blinds) out to keep your home as cool as possible while having natural light when needed.


6. Heat your food, not your house.


Anyone who cooks will know that long cooking hours actually heats up the house really quickly. This is not much fun for our sweaty chef

and makes cooling the rest of the house harder.

So some short tips for those heat waves:

– Ventilate your kitchen while cooking

– Use the microwave to heat food up/defrost frozen items, which does not emit much heat and uses less energy than electric stoves

– Try to not use the oven as it generally emits much more heat…we apologise for any lasagna/ro2a2 lovers out there


7. Take care of your fridge


Since as we mentioned summer kitchens are naturally hotter this also takes a toll on your fridge, making it run extra high and often it might actually cause damage.

So in the summer make sure not to unnecessarily open and close the fridge, give hot foods time to cool down before placing them inside and make sure not to over fill it with food.

Also built up frost in freezers insulates the fridge walls from the food and accordingly making it less efficient. So work on defrosting the fridge every once in a while, it will save you from wasted time waiting for 2l mohandes ahmed bta3 el freezar to arrive 3 hours late.


8. Spend more time outside #PoolTime


Summer is all about the great outdoors. Instead of waiting for Sa7el season, use some of your weekend mornings to spend them at your local club or outdoors cafe/restaurant. Maybe something by the nile? some insta-hashtags of the view? 3eesh 7ayatak


9. Switch to LED


We already mentioned the benefits of switching to LED Lighting, but did you know that regular (incandescent) lights release 85% of the energy it consumes as heat. That is extra heat energy that’s released into the house and for your AC to cool down.

How about ordering a fresh batch from our store and let us know how it works for you


Found this useful? Wait for us next week and we’ll share with you some cool tips on how to take good care of your AC

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